Nurturing in adulthood

Cecily Alexandria
2 min readMay 5, 2021
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I’ve been spending time with family and catching up. During a conversation about real estate my family member mentioned a mortgage broker he really likes using when selling houses. It made me think about a lot of things but specifically how we nurture each other in our adult years.

Of course in childhood a lot of nurturing has to happen to have some semblance of a decent adult. Even with all the great parenting we still get jerks and murderers, but you tried. However, with the real estate conversation I felt like maybe we need more nurturing into and through adulthood.

The conversation was about how this particular broker will explain to a buyer why they don’t qualify for the purchase and also how to move forward to possibly be able to make said purchase or a future purchase. Whereas many times people are simply told no it won’t work. Sometimes even when asked more questions the answer is what boils down to “because I said so”.

From the real estate side when things are explained some folks will take the steps they need to to get the goal. Much like other areas of life when the steps are given people don’t always follow the directions or they abandon ship and so on. They are given the information they need to make their own decisions.

So, I wonder if this approach could be used in most areas of life. They say parenting doesn’t end when the child is of a legal age. You are always a parent once you are one. Most information a child receives is not through their parents so nurturing isn’t just a parental guidance but teachers, community members, and sometimes strangers all have a part in nurturing a person. Why not the same in adulthood?

Obviously not every “no” deserves or warrants an explanation however in adulthood it is assumed the adult doesn’t need anymore or they are expected to figure it out which they may do. Sometimes people just need someone to not just say you can’t do this but to be kind enough to say how they eventually can do it.

What do I know though? I thought about declaring my major in Psychology but after freshman year living, I was like naw not me! Now I’m here writing stuff and telling jokes in the world not sure if the hierarchy of needs Maslow gets credit for is still applicable. Talk to your nurturing therapist is what I’m saying.



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