• Blayr Austin

    Blayr Austin

    Writer • Teacher at The Second City • My Comedy Class: Writing Sadness Through Humor

  • Larrylambert


    You probably don't know my name, but have likely seen my work. I'va written for numerous syndicated cartoon strips and my gags have appeared in national pubs.

  • Emmanuel Brown

    Emmanuel Brown

    I write to make people laugh, cry and think.

  • Ryan Lark

    Ryan Lark

    Scientist, writer, entitled Millennial. Give my life purpose by subscribing to my monthly newsletter: For the Love of Nature. fortheloveofnature.substack.com

  • KLB Finch

    KLB Finch

    KLB Finch is a Lawyer, Diversity Consultant, Coach & Writer from the UK. She’s constantly revising her opinions & sorting through her thoughts.

  • Show Nuff Entertainment News

    Show Nuff Entertainment News

    We write about Entertainment News from around the world. celebrities, sports, movies, and more...

  • Jo Herbert-Doyle

    Jo Herbert-Doyle

    BHealthSc. Life explorer & wellbeing advocate. I share what I know about health, food & conscious living. www.compassionatepanda.com

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