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Personality, personality, personality. One of the many ways in which we define ourselves is by personality. I did no research on this but I think even if someone has no personality it is a personality. I have no doctorate in anything let alone personalities. I took a psychology class once twenty years ago, so maybe I am an expert.

I was thinking about my personality. I like to think I’m alright. My personality is one to get used to but overall genuine. That’s my perception of myself so I could be wrong.

I recently watched “Follow That Bird” a true classic film from the 80s. Honestly one of my favorites although I completely forgot the whole plot line. Basically Big Bird from Sesame Street was being adopted by his own kind because he would be better off with his own even though he had basically been adopted into the community. He hated it and wanted to go back to Sesame Street against the will of the bird family he was with and the adoption agency rep who found him the family.

He calls to Sesame Street because he knows his emergency contact numbers and then the whole entire block or town or community. Hold on, what is Sesame Street? It’s a street but it feels like a whole town. Well, it’s a community nonetheless. Anyway, the whole block except for one who had to man the phone in case anyone called with more information or needed help. Remember before cell phones and gps? What a time and adventure.

We follow the different characters as they search for Big Bird. Guess who was among the searching? Oscar THE Grouch. I got to thinking, Oscar is my kind of people or whatever he identifies as. He’s got an attitude and gets annoyed, yet he has friends who love him and he loves them. Oscar will search the country for his friend while fully annoying Maria his friend. So I’m thinking, wow what a guy.

No he doesn’t want to be bothered with nonsense. Wait is that me? They stopped at a diner where the food was thrown at you. He was among many other Grouch likes and he enjoyed his dinning experience. When it was over he still went to find Big Bird.

I’ll need to do more Sesame Street research but I think Oscar is a huge part of the community working. You need a soft spoken Snuffy, and a lovable Big Bird, and a team too much Elmo, and two folks living together with opposite personalities Bert and Ernie, and a sweets obsessed Cookie Monster, a I can fix but makes it worse Grover and so on and so forth. Actually quite a few of them are obsessed with a specific thing. I really just liked thinking about the different folks I know who could fit in these different characters.

I think Oscar and I would get along very well but also absolutely need some of the others to balance the sarcasm and cynicism. Also note I could never actually live with or live like Oscar because germs and like sir, come on, chill with the trash obsession man.

We should all watch Follow That Bird and Sesame Street to be reminded that it’s totally okay to be friends with a Grouch and people who eventually will get on your nerves. The really cool part is when you both can know your limits and your boundaries. Alright girl, you’re about to go too far. You’re right, I should go home now. I’ll see you soon.

Who knew Sesame Street would teach me something in my late 30s? Yes I knew my letters and numbers already.

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