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I’ve been spending time with family and catching up. During a conversation about real estate my family member mentioned a mortgage broker he really likes using when selling houses. It made me think about a lot of things but specifically how we nurture each other in our adult years.

Of course in childhood a lot of nurturing has to happen to have some semblance of a decent adult. Even with all the great parenting we still get jerks and murderers, but you tried. …

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The past few years have been quite different than any other years. I’ve had a Facebook account since around 2005. Instagram and Twitter a bit later than that. I thought it would be fun to “connect” or stay “connected”. It felt like maybe I’d get to stay friends with folks from college or reconnect from childhood. It did do all of that. …

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I’ve been working on my comedy career for almost ten years. I’m not where I want to be by any stretch of my imagination but I’m also absolutely not where I was. I’m excited for the future and seeing my work pay off even more.

During the pandemic I’ve seen the comedy community a bit differently. I personally don’t know if things have changed because I never really was on the inside. I have always been a parameter watcher in comedy and my real life as well. The pandemic has forced me to have more interaction with other comedians than…

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I’m a pretty basic self groomer. I wash daily and pick a chin hair or two every few weeks. I keep the underarms shaved. I lotion daily. If things are out of hand or I have a big to do I’ll get my eyebrows cleaned up and paint my nails. Your basic I like to be clean but I’m not going overboard daily. Or as my mom said when I was growing up, did you shower with soap, brush your teeth, and comb your hair? All before heading out to school.

Living in a city and being on a shutdown…

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I watch too much television, I’m able to admit that at this point in my life. In watching television I’ve noticed something a little strange and I wonder if it is a trend or a coincidence. The beloved mother is dead.

Okay, so I’ve been watching three family friendly shows Netflix’s Country Comfort and Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, and NBC’s Kenan. All three are shows with single fathers trying to navigate raising children after get this, the mother has passed away. The mother’s death is the backstory that propels the dads doing dad things and family dynamics.

I personally think…

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I remember years ago people started hash tagging “say their names” and more importantly saying their names out loud and bringing to light the ongoing murders and unjust brutality of police and racist in a white supremacist world towards specifically Black people.

Around the same time hashtag Black Lives Matter began trending as well. Hashtag Michael Brown, hashtag Black Lives Matter, hashtag Say His Name, Say their names. It trends and it seems to work. People mobilize and fight for justice for the names behind the hashtag.

It has been almost ten years since we took to the streets for…

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Every year I try something new. It’s just what I started doing when I decided to live. I didn’t have anything wrong with me. No cancer or life altering accident, maybe just some therapy.

I lived in fear for most of my life. I still do but for the past almost ten years I decided not to let my fears prevent my living. I’ve found that some fears are a bit more difficult to push through than others.

I never learned how to swim. My brothers both took swim lessons early but for some reason I never got to take…

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An off and on rainy, dreary day. The perfect day to be outside says many people who are not me. I do not like being wet and cold. In general I hate the cold. Being warm is my jam. Lately, I’ve found myself outside more. Mostly because I’m taking a course on herbalism and building my own apothecary and gardening.

We gather monthly and I volunteer at the local garden space as well. I imagined myself here. I imagined myself loving it. I currently am alright with it but it is growing on me a bit. I’m never quite sure…

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I was watching a Netflix show “The Wedding Coach” because I can not, not watch a wedding show on Netflix and they know it. It’s a fun yet kind of sensitive kind of show. The host is a comedian and she comes and helps the couple getting married figure out last minute things. Usually, a conversation needs to be had with someone in the family because family members will never not add stress. And also they need to get that last, we don’t have a wedding singer task done. …

Enough already! I’ve had enough. Meredith Grey has got to go.

Grey’s Anatomy has been on for 17 seasons. Yes, 17. A whole child could be born and graduate from high school by now, 17. You can dip out for a few seasons and come back and it’ll be as if you never left. Like come on. This show has been a prime time soap opera for 12 of the 17 years.

Meredith Grey the primary character of the show has had sex with a few folks from work, almost died like 20 times, lost her husband, her sister, and…

Cecily Alexandria

A Black woman of many talents. Comedian, writer, producer, and human person.

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